Monday, February 19, 2018

mindless rant

Why, hello there strangers. :)

Where have I been? What have I been doing, or not doing? What are my grand plans for this year?

I've really ran out of words or excuses now. Just, life. Work. Random adulting stuff.

Each day is about getting by, one day at a time, hopefully with more items struck off my to do list than new ones piled on. With (even more) hopefully, minimal distractions and procrastination.

Rinse, repeat.


This daily grind takes the energy out of me, more mental than physical most days. And the flesh, is as weak as the spirit, so most evenings we all curl up on the couch or bed, refusing to think or do anything constructive.

UGH. It's no way to live, and I know I need to snap out of it.

Baby steps, it takes. I know.

Slowly, surely, I will reclaim my life, one teeny minute and mini-goal at a time.

Starting with this post. 😁


nua-ster said...

sigh.. ikr..
same here..

adulting is no fun at all.. lol.. lemme just melt into the bed/sofa and become a part of it.



b.muse said...

*hugs* thanks! Heh sorry for the super late reply. :p