Friday, December 08, 2017

Surprise supermarket find

Chanced across this in the chilled foods section while browsing the aisles of Meidi-ya at Liang Court, and had to give it a try. Eggs are one of my dietary staples and faves, and chawanmushi has to be among the top eggy dishes I favour.

It's quite legit! Has the same silky custardy texture that the usual restaurant versions have, just that I was having it cold (was too lazy to heat up LOL), but it was still really yummy.

Heh, perfect for those days when I just want to have sashimi, some cold edamame (available from the same mart, just wash straight out of the packet and sprinkle some salt!), glass of ocha (or sake). Yay. Simple fuss-free meal done.


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