Thursday, December 07, 2017

Not vain enough

"Is that even possible?" Some of you close to this vainpot may wonder, reading this title. Heeheehee.

Afterall, I am a self-proclaimedaware one. The many habits I have due to this trait has been prevalent since I was a toddler (probably also when I was an infant but I haven't heard any anecdotal evidence, and I can't remember that far back, so let's just say it started since I was really conscious of my appearance). I have long since accepted that I care about how I look and present myself, and fully embrace that most of the time.

Those last few words are critical, because I have a theory: Not all vainpots are made equal. Some are more vain than others, and what we are vain about differs.

For instance, as much as I like to look good, most days than not, I barely bother with putting on much makeup on a daily basis - sure I do the basics like fill in my barely there brows, swipe on some lippie, and if I'm feeling diligent I will put on some eyeliner, just so I look presentable. To me that's basic courtesy to fellow humans around me, not even about looking good.

That's not the same as the next vainpot who spends half an hour or more in the morning to put on proper makeup, such that when you look at her in the morning, you see someone who takes proper pride in her appearance, and cares enough about how they look to actually devote time to beautify themselves.

By the same vein (hehehe) of logic, I care enough about makeup and sometimes fashion to make the effort on those fronts. But for the life of me, as much as I admire people who can style their hair in a variety of looks - curls, braids, buns, accessories etc, I can never quite muster up the effort to do anything about my hair, beyond what's practical or functional. I keep wanting to, because I think it always looks so chic whenever one puts just the merest effort with their tresses, but I never really get round to actually mastering anything elaborate.

There really isn't a rhyme or logic to this post, just my random musing inspired by my hair which was done for a recent dance performance, where I got it professionally styled, then looked at the results, and bemoaned my lack of interest to learn how to do this myself. "Not vain enough," I tsked. :o

Nice right?? Sigh


imp said...
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imp said...

I’m not sure that I should validate or encourage this train of thought in this post with any type of comment. 🤐😂

b.muse said...

@imp: So why did you comment then?! Heehee.