Monday, March 06, 2017

Ripples and waves

So, I dropped a bomb last Friday. 

Only, I was not prepared for the extent of the reactions triggered. 

Ripples, waves and whirlpools that have already been brewing, now seem to be gathering force. There's no telling where or how this would end or develop. 

I am in the centre of it, but then not really affected. Of course I am deeply heartened by the extreme reactions of shock and dismay, and even more surprisingly, the concerted efforts that have been shown, by not just a handful, but the majority of powers that be, to try and keep me. That's truly beyond flattering. I knew my work was valued, I just had no idea how much, till now. 

No matter, I have weathered my storms and went through many rounds of reflections, ruminations and navel-gazing. It's the right time and space for me to move, so I shall just watch how things unfold, from the eye of the cyclone. 

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