Sunday, March 05, 2017

Sunday gym date

Gotta say I'm really enjoying the gf's new "cult" membership. Bright and early one Sunday morning, she and her partner came by and whisked me off to the gym since we were all intending to go for a workout at the same time that day.

Funnily enough, we strode into the gym together, then went our separate ways for our individual workouts - them to their respective aerial yoga and Powerplate classes, whereas I needed a hard-ish leg workout, something I tended not to have the luxury of time to do during the week. It always feels good to not have to rush through my session and feel like I've done enough to exert the muscles on all fronts for some proper DOMS to come.

Then some 1.5 hours later, we reconvened at the gym's lounge area, and proceeded to the basement for a quick lunch.

As much as I am used to my originating outlet for Virgin Active at Raffles Place, I really do enjoy this new Tanjong Pagar outlet. Not only is the space larger and more equipped, the shops and facilities in the spanking new Tanjong Pagar Centre is really quite a fun mix. It was such comfort to tuck into some hearty clam chowder at the Seattle Pike Chowder in the basement of the building after an all-out workout. Moreish and satisfying, it was just the right balance of saltiness and creaminess. According to J and D, who have tasted the real deal from the original shop in the States, it's pretty legit and a proper franchisee. Let's hope that this nifty outlet hangs around for a while more.

Thereafter, we adjourned to Jewel coffee upstairs for a lovely cuppa each, fortifying and reassuringly strong. Yumms. Being the all-out friends they are, they then dutifully gave me a lift back before going on their way home.

What an awesomely wholesome Sunday. Definitely looking forward to more of such healthy shenanigans! Hehehe. :D

My yummy chowder - no pics of gyms cos we are all serious athletes. Oof. :p


imp said...

Work those glutes and shoulder blades! Wheeeee!

b.muse said...

@imp: Heehee, yes yes, can't get away from those! :D