Friday, December 01, 2017

Almost done, 2017?!

The clock struck 12 at noon today, and the dependable test chime played nationwide on our Public Signal systems to signal that all is well, and the systems are working fine, for the last time this year (it's sounded at this time every first day of the month). While hearing that always brought a sense of comfort, I couldn't help but sigh a little with incredulity.

How is it already December, the last month of the year?? As much as I always accepted that time just flies by faster and faster each year, it still feels surreal that we are nearly done with 2017 and before you know it, it will be yet another brand new year.

Somehow, for most of the loved ones, including myself, it seemed to have been a huge year, full of drama and big changes. Now that we are in the final stretch, instead of winding down, things just seem to have gotten even more intense as everything culminates to the end of 2017.

Time to buckle down even more and maximise my achievements and goals for the year. Go go go! May we have lots to give thanks and be proud of when we reflect on the year past, come 31st December. :)

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