Thursday, November 23, 2017

Adulting is hard

so says this woman (me) who has been legally one for some 1.5 decades. Face palm much?

What can I say - have been spared the full slew of responsible lifestyle choices, huge purchases and mortgages, till now, and with work often being at full load, breakneck speed, I can't help feeling a tad overwhelmed at times.

Bleah. Well, in the grand scheme of things, it's all really exciting and I do find it fun most of the time, except in certain moments when it all just feels a bit much.

So like the responsible mature adult I am, I suck it up and conjure a whingey post here, like the princess I am.

Still don't feel like an adult, oof.


kein said...

Adulting, when you feel the same but just have more money to spend :X So fun leh!

nua-ster said...

i also no like adulting. not my kind of (th)ing.. so says the spoilt brat baby of the family. *sheepish*

no matter wad! I'm always here *waves* when u need a break k? ktv/exercise/makan kaki, u name it, i'll be it.


imp said...

adulating is bloody painful. HAIZZZZZ.

b.muse said...

@kein: Money spending is fun until it's such a BIG purchase that you feel so broke hahaha.

@nua-ster: Muacks! I know. :)

@imp: YA LOR. Zzzz. Good thing I have people to whinge and commiserate with hehehe.