Friday, August 11, 2017

Two by two

The latest of my attempts to catch up on my posts here. Heh. I can't decide whether I should be impressed or exasperated by myself by the various times I have tried and not managed to stick with a proper posting routine. But I shall persevere still. :D

So this idea came about as I was overwhelmed thinking about the backlog piling up, and feeling like I may never get up to speed with my content here - some days I just want to write about things happening now, but then I think of all the catch up I needed to do and wonder if I will even remember what I wanted to say by the time I get to "now". Yet, I don't want to just "heck it" and pick up from here. Oof.

And this is what I am planning to do now, post an up-to-date post (or two), and also a historical one from where I am trying to pick up from. That way everytime you go back by a post or two, you are still catching up on my "catch up". Theoretically it's a sound plan eh?

Let's see.

Here we go, again. :D


nua-ster said...

yay! sounds like a very sound plan!! ^^

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: hahaha actually I realised it won't work cos the more updated entries I post the further back the backlog posts will appear! #bimbostrikesagain

nua-ster said...

oh ya!! i din think about the date issue!
how about you post a link to the latest backdated post when u post a up-to-date post? more work on ur side thou....

imp said...

Just write! Or puke out 5-10 backdated posts at one shot. Hurhurhur.

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: Yea might do that! was thinking of this too. :D

@imp: Heehee yup! JUST DO IT.