Wednesday, August 23, 2017

en vacances!

Excited to be on a long awaited vacation! While it felt like not too long ago that we went to Taipei with AB's parents, the past months have been such a churn that I really needed a proper break. And this vacation involves lots of chilling out, pigging out and pure basking in the French summer weather, definitely what I needed.

The Boss sent me a whatsapp on the evening of the flight to wish me a happy holiday, and admonished, "DO NOT ANSWER EMAILS UNNECESSARILY!" Yup, in caps too. Haha. Great to have such bosses. 

So here is my very Singaporean breakfast, on the flight to France. Couldn't resist ordering when I spotted it on the menu. It was decent but I still much prefer the hawker versions I grew up with. Sambal was legit though! :D

Time for some 19 days of (mostly) offline days. Woohoo. 

Singapore Airlines' rendition of the local fried carrot cake. Not bad at all!

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