Thursday, August 24, 2017

Starting the holiday: Slow the pace

After travelling for over 12 hours via two flights, AB and I really needed to stretch out the legs from all that sitting around, and took a stroll out to the beach which was a short 10 minute walk from his parents' place in Bordeaux where we stay for this trip.

It's so refreshing to walk down a near-empty beach, taking in the sparkle of the sun reflecting off those blue waters, breathing that clean sea-scented air, and looking down at the time to see that it's nearly nine pm and the sun was just starting to set.

I always love summer in non-equatorial regions. Those long daylight hours make you feel like there is just so much to do, and you actually have the time to do them - even when you have a tow of procrastination monkeys always out to distract you. Heh.

The blues

The greens

A random passerby - love this candid shot!

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