Tuesday, February 07, 2017

My favourite rude English words

I was originally going to title this post as "My favourite English words", and write about those funny words that I just love reading, or saying. They are so apt and conjure up such hilarious imagery, that they never fail to crack me up in those instances.

And then as I started making a list of these words, I realised that the majority of them are just perfect for scolding people who annoy, irritate or disgust you (or rather, me), depending on the context or the character deformity.


Oh well, I did already proclaim that I is not a "nice" person, eh?

At least I never call them these names out loud - these are just unwitting adjectives that float into my consciousness when interacting with such beings, and they really serve three fantastic purposes - firstly, my slightly OCD brain can have a proper label for the offending personnel, and therefore, it helps to somewhat mollify the angst or ire they induced, from the satisfaction of a perfect label (that's the second purpose). Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these auto-reflexes often keep me from imploding at said nuisances, and help re-calibrate my emotional equilibrium.

Who knew that a good vocabulary can offer such utility?

Anyway, here are those famed favourites, in alphabetical order. Feel free to share yours too, I would love to know (and possibly add to the repertoire)! FYI the last one is my absolute fave. Hahaha.

Heh, while I think most of these are pretty self-explanatory, I thought it might be helpful (and fun!) to look up the definitions on my favourite dictionary these days, the Merriam Webster.

Ass-wipe: vulgar slang -  a stupid, annoying, or detestable person. (Plural: asswipes)
Buffoon: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person 
Douchebag: an unattractive or offensive person 
Lowlife:  a person of low moral character
Ludicrous:  amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity
Nincompoop: fool, simpleton (related form: nincompoopery)
Numbskulla thick or muddled head

Going through this list, I laughed but shuddered at how it shows the frequency I meet such persons that these words actually come readily to mind.


imp said...

i'm sorry- my vocabulary is VERY LIMITED. It's either F**KER or M***ERF**KER. That's all.

b.muse said...

@imp: HAHA you are straightforward mah. I have to play with vocab since I'm more the passive aggressive type! :p

nua-ster said...

ludicrous and nincompoop (thank you for introducing me to this word!) are my absolute favourites!

also love the meaning of "oxymoron". not rude, just love the meaning and when things are oxymoronic.. hehe

while on this topic.. can never forget our dear Mr Elwin's "kindywinks".. hehehe..

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: Yes yes, I love nicompoop too! Wahaha.

Oh ya, and "flutterbys" too!