Saturday, February 11, 2017

Introduction: The one that got away

While brainstorming blog ideas, I recalled that I promised to provide more juicy details on my relationships over the past years, since I attempted, then gave up on giving something more than a general, rather vague summary of what had gone down during my dormant absence.

Funnily enough, given all my reservations to not overshare online, the idea of doing so doesn't scare or repulse me. I guess I trust myself enough to know what I can share and what I won't, and I'm quite happy to also wax lyrical about some of my musings and contemplations, as I am inclined to do anyway.

So here we are. :)

It won't be heavy or emo, and I'd very much like to keep my tone lighthearted for the most part, since like Richard Fish in Ally McBeal says, "Bygones." It's all in the past now. Whatever pain and anguish I suffered or  was subjected to, we have both moved on, so it's really a waste of time and energy to still be miserable over what's done and dusted. 

(Of course I made it sound like it was all the other person's fault. I'm an angel! Best girlfriend ever that I'm sure they regret not being able to keep. Plus it's my blog so I'm entitled to subject you to my biaised point of view, no? Heeheehee.)

With all that, you may be wondering about the theme of these posts: "The One that Got Away", which in its conventional use has that tone of wistfulness about it. Huh. Heh, just to clarify that this "One" refers to me, instead of said ex-es whom I will be writing about (sorry, not sorry! Heehee). 

How so? Because when I reflect on all these failed relationships and where I am now in my life, current relationship and everything else, I did feel like I lucked out in them not working out. I can't see myself in a better place than I am at the moment, and in many parts, it was those failures that drove me to become the person I am, someone I love, respect and admire (sometimes) so much more than before all those escapades eventuated. 

So brace yourselves, sit back with a cuppa when you see posts like this. I promise I will try to be entertaining and not bore you with melancholy and bitterness. :)

P/S: Apologies if I sound borderline manic here, am writing this pre morning coffee and that can make me sound a tad psychotic sometimes. :p


nua-ster said...

oh yea... so glad u got away!!
looking forward to reading this "series"!

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: Me too, very glad! Haha, ok ok I will get on this series soon!