Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017: Another new (re)start

Hello my dearies! (pretending that this space is not dead, ok.. dormant.) I thought it would be a good start to the year to make yet another attempt to revive this blog. :p

Yes, I know my track record hasn't been great but hopefully third (or is it fourth?) time's the charm. Heh. As compared to the last few times where I was just filled with enthusiasm that ran out of steam rather quickly, this time I actually have a plan so I have a really good feeling that it will stick now.

Let's see, shall we? ;)

And in the spirit of a fresh new year, all brimming with hope and dreams and optimism, here is my "theme" for 2017:

To have courage, wisdom and kindness. Courage to pursue my dreams and ambitions, wisdom to act in my best interests (most of the time) so I can crush those goals, and last but not least, to be kinder - to the lovelies who are close to my heart, but also being kind to those who fall outside of my selected circle of trust. 

The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but I'd admit that the last one has proven to be one of the toughest challenge I faced particularly in recent years. In the last 2-3 years, I had conscientiously placed myself first in more situations than I used to, simply because it was a necessity. My upbringing and personality made me a person who nearly always placed others' needs above my own, which was great, but over the years, it also resulted in me shortchanging myself all too often. I neglected my personal needs, growth and development, and that took a toil on the spirit and soul. It was therefore a mindset shift that was badly needed.

I am pleased to report that I am a much happier, stronger person now who has a clearer sense of what she wants and likes, in the near future as well as the distant one. I have also gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, and how I might be better able to use that knowledge to work towards the achievement milestones I'd set for myself.

The cost of achieving all these meant that I had not been as attentive, affectionate or caring as I would have liked, to my darling friends and family. And my heightened self-awareness has also unearthed sides of my personality that I didn't like - the tendency to be impatient or judgmental (even if not openly so) to those who don't hold the same values, or ethics as me. I was never unpleasant, but I just didn't like the negativity of my thoughts or sentiments, especially if they were uncalled for.

And that was how my third personal challenge was borne, for this new year. I have made some steps already in addressing these (as well as the first two goals), but I'd like to apply myself more diligently towards them in the coming 12 months.

With that, I wish you a loveliest new year, filled with more laughter and love, and less sorrow and loss. May you be blessed with good health, cheer and kindness too. And let's NOT break the resolutions that truly matter, shall we?

Happy New Year dearies. :)


kein said...


Hope you had a wonderful new year and full steam ahead for personal growth!

b.muse said...

@kein: Thank you for reading, and for the encouragement! Love your writing too, so let's never stop. : )