Thursday, June 07, 2007

crossed over

Today, I officially step over that midpoint between 20s and 30s.

I shan't call it the 'wrong side of 25', cos I don't dread it, this shortened distance to the big three-O. Not really. I'd prefer to think that I've grown and matured in my own time, and the future promises so much in store. It's exciting, and kind of thrilling too.

Today, I smiled at the well wishes that flooded my inbox at the struck of midnight and throughout the day.

Some I have known for years, and I'm glad that we're still part of each other's lives and thoughts. Some I have just gotten to know, and I'm thankful for the budding friendships forged. These are the things that really matter, not whether lines and wrinkles are appearing, or work that drains or jades one's spirits.

Today, I spent the day with my love, simply but happily.

There was no need for any grand plans to please me. Just the reminder that I'm so deeply loved, by spoiling me with that extra bit of patience. I love all the pressies, and the most precious is your company, that priceless quality time.

Today, I crossed over that invisible line, with contentment and bliss. :)


yuling said...

oh happy belated birthday babe!!! yes, age is but a number! you are loved, and that's what matters! love ya! =)

mummybean said...

oh, happy birthday! :) sounds like you had a great one.

b.muse said...

YL, beanbean: Thanks babes for the well wishes. Yup was a good one.. Ha, a day without work is always good. :p

Anonymous said...

ah. happy belated bday! : )

b.muse said...

kein: Thanks! =)