Saturday, June 02, 2007

the year I turned legal

tagged by imp, I flipped through the musty pages of my mental diary, reminiscing on some of the classic moments in that year. Am afraid these 5 songs are very pop, very commercial. But they still hold their weight in my heart, and I still happily hum and sing along whenever they come on the radio. And yup, they are still on my iTunes, and make me smile at the memories. :p

18 in the vintage of bemusedtots is when she::
studied at one college, but was seen more often at another. had her first serious relationship. scrambled at the last minute over the dreaded A levels, after close to 2 years of slacking. taught chinese for three months to pre-schoolers. passed her Grade 8 in plonking keys. got accepted into her dream course in uni. worked 15-hour days at a temp job. went on her first tour to HK with two other gal pals.

And here are the songs on my list. Don't laugh. :p

1. Flying without Wings by Westlife
What would the 90's be without Boy Bands?? While I wasn't one of those who went crazy over them, I think I liked Westlife the most (for their songs - I can hardly tell them apart!), and this song from their debut was my favourite. Loved the lyrics.

2. How Do I Live by Leann Rimes
Yes, the Love Song of my time, I think. Overplayed it may be, but never fails to turn everyone all sappy and singing along.

3. Crash and Burn by Savage Garden
I realise I'm really into all these 'love yourself, have faith in yourself' songs. Trivia: oh, I remember a certain radio personality got herself into hot soup for playing this song right after reporting on a plane crash tragedy. *snigger*

4. Someday by Sugar Ray
A perfect song to listen to while bumming on the beach. It's just has this lazy breezy feel that I heart.

5. Angel by Sarah McLachlan
This was my personal favourite by her. While I do agree with Imp that she can border on whiny, thought she sounded good in this, the way she effortlessly hits the high high notes. Power.

The Rules

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3. Get all nostalgic over the songs of the year

4. Write about it

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And this tag goes out to: yuling, aokisan, enirrac, winnie-t, blame-less. :)


imp said...

(2) i confess i like Leann Rimes. Heh.

i only remember (3) when you mentioned it!!! heee....aiyoh. how could she have been so dense?!

(5) still kills me everytime i play it. and i stumble over every other note.

yuling said...

me done it! :p

mummybean said...

haha, i've yet to get round to doing this cos i'm sure i'll shock everyone with my bad taste in music! hee.

b.muse said...

imp: Haha exactly. I was rolling my eyes at her defense 'it was not me.. that song was auto-generated by the playlist system'. :p

yuling: yeah thanks babe! :)

beanbean: haha no worries.. See i very shamelessly included boyband songs too! Hee. Share share.. I'm curious to know yours too! =)