Friday, January 06, 2023

Update: Change in designation

I realised that I've skipped over a significant life update when resuming my posts (this most recent round, which let's face it, is a common offense for me, ha!) - the update of AB's designation. 

After a good five years of holding that position, we promoted/updated him from AB to a more permanent position of AH. The promotion aspect is slightly dubious, since it doesn't really involve more benefits. In fact, he doesn't get additional days off (not as if that's even a benefit in the first place) but it does come with more official responsibilities and liabilities. Hmm. 

Well, I'd argue that this being a more permanent position and tangible bond to *me* counts as a perk for him. Heehee. 

It wasn't without event though - the later part of the year past was a little shaky on both our parts, but fortunately (again, a point of contention depending on who is assessing the situation), we are on more stable ground now, so it looks like this new(ish) designation is sticking for a while, although kind of under observation, just to be sure. 

In all honesty, it's unchartered waters for both of us, but part of the fun/challenge is figuring out what works for both of us, and learning to evolve and grow together, not apart. Teamwork, essentially. Like any relationship, it needs both parties to be committed to it for things to work, and I'm glad that we are on the same page for that now.

There really isn't a real point of providing this update, since I don't think it really matters nor make a difference to readers of this blog, but it's just so it makes sense in my head when I use the new title when referencing him. So, just FYI, for what it's worth. :)

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