Saturday, January 07, 2023

9 days of posts!

And just like that, I've managed to post for 9 consecutive days on this space, a week straight plus a bit more. Yay! 

Taking advantage of the slight lull in my schedule while on partial vacation, to settle into this routine. 

Compared to the last time I've attempted this in 2017, it somehow feels much more manageable this time around. It's like I've flipped a switch and finally learnt to manage my chaotic mind a little better and get less overwhelmed when thinking of what to write about - typically, a few topics would come up, I would do a quick shortlist, then just go. Type it up, read through, edit, finalise, set schedule for publication, done

It's a refreshing change from deliberating over and over, going back and forth in circles in never-ending analysis of which topic would work best. Often, before I reach a conclusion, I'd already be exhausted and defeated, then nothing gets written. Zzz. I *think* I've found a way to circumvent that after all these years and attained a "blogging peace" of sorts. I'm so pleased. 

Perhaps all that mindfulness practice is actually paying off. :) 

It is still early days yet, but so far it feels good, comfortable, not unlike catching up with an old friend whom I've always cared about but lost touch with for a while as we both got preoccupied with other life stuff that got in the way. Now we've found each other again, and it's like no time has gone by. 

I've certainly missed writing, and am enjoying setting aside time to do this, as part of my daily agenda now. 

Look at me adulting, making time for things that matter. 😎

It's been said that "self-praise is no praise", but who cares? Whatever works, and I have enough self-parenting experience to know I thrive on affirmations that are well-deserved, as much as I appreciate constructive criticism. Heh. 

See you tomorrow, and the day after, and the days after. 

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