Monday, January 02, 2023

Recounting 2022: Rekindling life

For a couple years now, in addition to a list of aspirations/resolutions I set at the beginning of each year, I've also reflected and decided on a word for the year. It's a theme of sorts that also aligned said list, to zoom in on what I wanted to priortise for that year. 

For last year, the word that resonated with me the most, was "Rekindle". That was what I wanted to focus on, as several areas in my life felt stagnant and stuck in a rut. Nothing was in dire states, but I had been feeling an increasing restlessless, not completely unrelated to the widespread sentiment of "languish" linked to the ongoing global pandemic, which apparently many in the world were experiencing.

Boy, did the universe hear me and decide to help me out in achieving that, in nearly all areas of my life.

Career wise, I had taken a leap of faith to accept a new position in November 2021 which was not a career switch per se, but a specialist role rather than the generalist function I had established my résumé on for the most part of my career. However, this change felt right, and over the course of the year, my decision was further affirmed by all the projects and tasks I undertook. I got to hone various skills that I'd wanted to but didn't have the resources nor time for in my previous positions. The team I was in was incredible, with every single colleague being amazing team players, and who all genuinely like and respect one another, with leadership that not only values each member's individual strengths, but constantly nurtures and provides opportunity catered to each of our best interests. A year in, I am motivated and enjoy my work much more than I've had in a long time.

On the relationship front, I've already touched on that in the year summary so I won't go into much more details, but suffice to say that I've gotten to repair several failings and potholes in some key relationships, and also devoted more time and attention to friendships that have taken the backseat while everyone withdrew into a hermit-like existence over the past years. I certainly learnt that rather than an anti-social whom I had self-identified as for years, I was really a selective-social. I don't like all humans, but there are specific individuals whom I love very much and will ration much more time for, as opposed to superficial socialities that I have extremely finite patience towards. 

For personal interests and development, I finally decided to stop procrastination and multitasking, and properly spend time on two things for recreation/exercise: dance, which I've always loved but kinda dropped off; and cycling, which I finally started to get the hang of some 7 years ago, but never properly worked on. For dance, I devoted time to the most preferred dance styles, taking technical classes and also going for socials to just enjoy the dance. I also ventured into a new genre which has brought much pleasure and fun into my regime. For cycling, I've started from the foldie to commute bike and graduated to being able to ride comfortably on my road bike, with my target average of 30km/h achieved by year end. Huge pats on my own back, if I do say so myself. 😁

With all KPIs on target, I'm rather pleased to declare Rekindle a wild success. 

On to the next chapter. Word of the year for 2023? 


Let's go. :)

Proudest: I can do hard things.

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