Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Crystal clarity

Doubt, and go on doubting until you come to a point that you cannot doubt anymore. And you cannot doubt anymore only when you come to know something on your own. Then there is no question of doubt, there is no way to doubt. 

Living Dangerously, Osho 

Whilst I always tend to favour fiction in my readings, I have started venturing into the non-fictional genre more in past years. Philosophy is one of these newish areas of interest, although reads like these take wayyy longer than the light fluffy stuff. I can't speedread these as I often had to pause and reflect on what's being said.

Still slowly making my way through this book, but this paragraph struck me. It made me realise that oftentimes I do practice that, even when it's not a conscientious act. 

I tend to make decisions and conclusions based on instinct, almost always independently. Reflecting on this text revealed to me that while it may have seemed even to myself that I relied solely on my gut, I do deliberate internally until I reach a state of clarity when I've eliminated all doubts, to my satisfaction. However, it can be tough to explain exactly what gives me the certainty to others, particularly when it comes to issues related to emotions rather than facts. This realisation does provide a reassuring boost to my decision making skills, heh. 

Osho is known to emphasize personal responsibility and freedom after all, and this definitely serves as a stark focus on self-assessment. I'm comforted to affirm that I do have a good hold of that, even if it's less intention and more instinct. 

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