Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Into '20, and closer to 40

Honestly, I really didn't think too much about the significance of a new decade. 2020 is but another year to me, although of course it has a nice ring to it. The title of this post is a mere effort to find some meaning or rhyme of sorts to mark the start of this year (and my last year as a thirty-something).

Dare I proclaim yet another attempt at more consistent blogging? I do make an exercise of determining some areas that I would like to continue working on, to better the best version of myself which is a constant ongoing process. And despite what I just said about time being a transient concept, the brain has been wired to take the start/end of a year as a time of reflection - a useful checkpoint of sorts to look back on achievements and growths, challenges and heartbreaks. I celebrate all the blessings and friendships I still maintain (or even lost), and give thanks for all the memories and experiences gained.

Rather than bore you with the full list of resolutions I've made, here's the summary of my so-called theme of this new year: to maximise the limited hours I have each day, by spending it wisely on things and people that matter the most. Each minute should (to my best effort), either bring joy (or at least some value) to someone else, or at the very least to myself.

And yes, blogging/writing qualifies (at least in bringing myself joy, lah). Heh.

Whether you are one who sets resolutions, my best wishes to you: for a year of strength, health, adventures and love.

2020, let's go.

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