Sunday, January 15, 2017

Loves: lost and found

1. This post is probably not what you may think it is, based on the title.
2. Technically, it's not "found", more like "given". But it flows better when I phrase it like that. :D

On my flight up to Luxembourg, I had absentmindedly misplaced my trusty bluetooth headphones, and only realised it while I was on my second leg of the flight (ie on another plane to my destination). I was rather dismayed to say the least, when I found out. Those earphones had been one of my trusty companions for the gym sessions that I had been really getting back into, and made the greatest difference in keeping those workouts fun and focused. Needless to say, I was pretty gutted, but since there was nothing I could do about it, I tried to brush it off. I can always get another pair of those. I also consoled myself that I probably wouldn't feel the loss too much for now, since the chances of me needing them during my stay is quite low.

Love lost. :( 

Then at Christmas, AB surprised me with an iPod Touch, which I had offhandedly mentioned to him months ago that I was contemplating on getting to serve some of the non-essential functions on my memory-space-challenged phone, just to save some of the usage on that gadget - things like music, Youtube, instagram and other apps which have nothing to do with calls and messages. I wasn't keen on changing phone since it still works well and I do like it beyond the annoyance with space. Because this was such a frivolous want, I had put it on my wishlist to be fulfilled some time this coming year, but I had completely not expected AB to quietly take note and get it for me. Bonus? He got it in that cheery shade of pink that I love, too. : )

Three weeks on, I am really enjoying this new toy - I have forgotten how much more of a breeze it is to acquire and load music on Apple gadgets (I use a Mac laptop and previously had an iPhone, before I jumped ship to Android for my current phone). It's so much easier and quicker, which I'd admit has motivated me to update my song collections so much more. It's rather nifty for running and the gym as well, being very lightweight and compact. I've really enjoyed using all those apps while setting my phone aside too - it keeps me more focused on whatever I was doing, without the distractions of calls and more importantly, messages. Pretty amazing how small things like these can make a significant difference in helping one to stay mindful and just.. present.

Love found - Ok fine, given. It doesn't replace what's lost but comes bearing joy and beauty of its own. :)

New love ^^


imp said...

Luckily a photo accompanied the caption in the mobile version. A photo of the pink iPod. So I dun need to overthink. Kekekekeke. Also, I'm just anyhowly commenting for the sake of leaving a comment. Ha!

b.muse said...

@imp: You damn funny la! LOL!!