Thursday, August 16, 2007


Everytime I go for a swim, I would feel wonderfully refreshed and promise myself that I should do it regularly. And almost unfailingly, I end up staying on dry land for weeks, sometimes months, before I repeat the same experience.

So last night was another nice sesh at the pool. Compared to the previous hassled experience I had, it was sweet relief to be able to swim in peace, focusing on cutting cleanly through the water, just the kicks, the strokes and the breathing. Managed to accomplish the 20 laps I set out to complete, almost non-stop, safe for slight pauses to adjust the goggles.

All happily watered, the evening was then rounded up with comfy company over light bites nearby. It's cool to have chums working close by I say! Sharing fitness plans and progress is a great way to provide more motivation, methinks. :)

I should really do this watering routine more frequently. *crosses fingers*

On another note, while strolling over to the complex after work, bumped into my cousin who was on his way back after a swim. Glad to see him looking somewhat more relaxed, though his eyes are still sad. It's consolation to know that he's carrying on with life, picking up the pieces rather than sinking into depression. I just hope that's a true reflection of what's on the inside as well.


Anonymous said...

Always an inspiration to get off the sofa and go run after reading your blog.. must drag the missus with me :p

b.muse said...

aokisan: Heehee. Go! The cool breezy weather these days is perfect for outdoor fun! :)