Wednesday, August 29, 2007

thank you

Just thanking some individuals who have been motivating me, knowingly and unknowingly, in my fitness journey.

To you..
Your resilience and all-out enthusiasm has been infectious. That, coupled with your encouraging messages, have saved me from a number of times when the resolve weakened and temptation beckons to jus head home rather than fulfill the workout plan. Not to mention a fantastic wheely-date kaki. Thanks to you, I'm slowly rebuilding that much-needed momentum, and enjoying it too!

To you..
I used to admire your fitness levels and how you're just naturally more inclined towards sports than I am. I used to be that lazybones whom you could never get to play badminton with, and it's amazing how much we have evolved. You may not be as strong or active as you once were, but you never lost that love and passion for sports. I'm just glad that we share that now. I love running and swimming with you cos we have similar pacing, and it's quality time too during and after that. I also tell myself that with enough work, I might just have those trim slim legs of yours too. Heehee.

And last but definitely not least..
To you..
It's incredible how we uncannily find ourselves in the same situations more than once. I'm so glad that we have grown out of envying each other for what we can never have, and having that slight sour note in our voices even when we really want the best for each other. I'm loving the sms-es we have been sending frequently and spontaneously to report progress and give that needed nudge. It feels so much better knowing we are working hard towards a common goal, genuinely wanting the other to fulfil her goal too.

You know who you are. Thank you. :)


Anonymous said...

thank you too!
always pushing me and encouraging me to go for those 5/10 km runs which i always ended up not going. if not for u.. i might have stopped my jogging routine when PE no longer exists. admire ur endurance and ever increasing pacing! must learn ur slow to fast pacing! hehe.. will bring my shoes and swimming costume back more often so we can bring our healthy living into the weekends. woohoo! 3 cheers!

b.muse said...