Saturday, May 26, 2007

pooling thoughts

Warning: rambling post alert.

With an ankle rendered wobbly thanks to a clumsy twist last weekend, bemusedtots finds herself more inclined than usual towards aquatics for her choice of exertions these days. No matter, since swimming is actually her favourite sport, just that she runs more often for the convenience and accessibility it offers.

One thing about swimming, though, especially if one only has access to public pools, is that you need to exercise extreme wisdom in selecting the time and location to fully enjoy a peaceful session of aqua therapy. It is of utmost importance to choose the optimal time when the pool is least occupied to reap maximum utility. When that happens, you get to build up a momentum, focusing on just the strokes and breathing, in that space where it's just you and yourself in the world. Bliss.

Well, that definitely did not happen last night, when bemusedtots happily trotted down to a public pool near her place in the evening, all eager for a nice long swim. However, after merely 30 minutes, and 20 lengths to and fro the competitive pool, she decided to call it a night.

While that was far from her target 50 lengths, she consoled herself that she probably burnt the same amount of energy from dodging the juniors permeating the entire pool at their lessons.

They seemed a focused lot, a pity that they have yet to realise that when wearing goggles, you really need not shut your eyes in the water.

She certainly hopes they grasp that soon, else they might just end up like the other swimmers causing her to swim in zig-zags - adults who use goggles and open their eyes, but somehow just can't seem to see other swimmers around.

That said, at least they are utilising the pool for the use it was intended for. Which makes them somewhat better than the pair of ***-nationals sitting on the edge in the middle of one end. Oblivious to the world, the two males were happily enjoying a deep, meaningful conversation the entire time bemusedtots was there, while dangling their feet in the water, while swimmers all around them barely have the space to turn at the end of laps.

As she hauled herself in resignation out of the water, tired more from the impossible navigation rather than the actual swimming, they were still deep in the throes of intellectual discourse.

The interesting sights at a public pool on Friday night. Highly entertaining, if you don't let it get to you.

I'm sticking to the pool near my office from now.

[utterly bemused]

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