Monday, May 21, 2007


Fri night dinner was birthday celebrations for one of the bf's buddies from high school days - thoughtfully organised by his utterly delightful babe of a girlfriend. The sweet gal sneakily called his pals and coordinated this get-together with the respective partners invited as well.

Dinner was German fare at Brotzeit, Vivocity. I say she made a good choice, as it seemed just the perfect place for the group. While it was more of a bar than restaurant, with noisy music and chatter, having to raise your voices to be heard across the table, the boys were all too happy to not have to bother about getting too boisterous or rowdy, haha.

I arrived late, when most have placed their dinner orders. And the moment I sat down, the bf breezily informed me that he's ordered dinner to share, rattling off various items smoothly in German. All I had to do was order a lager, and wait for the food to come. This I was too pleased with, seeing the mindboggling names on the menu that rendered me lost. The bf, on the other hand, was well-acquainted with the food and language, having spent a semester there on exchange.

He ordered
schäuferla, which was surprisingly not listed on the menu, took just over an hour to prepare. It was well worth the wait though - roasted to a delicious crisp brown, the meat was tender, the skin crunchy, and the fats melt-in-your-mouth. Accompanied with tangy sauerkraut and mash on the sides, it was satiating and not cloying. For that evening, I abandoned my calorie-phobia at the door and dug in to enjoy the meal, guilt oblivious. :p

The gang of them are close pals who meet up at least once every weekend, for intellectual stimulation (read: mahjong), sports (soccer) and entertainment (EPL and drinking sessions). While I usually have not much common topics with them, seeing that I don't play mj, and am pretty clueless at soccer (though I at least know what off-side means, I think), am usually happy to sit there in silent observance of their unpretentious men talk and goofy banter - this group who have witnessed one another at his best and worst, know all the embarrassing moments and naughty escapades.

It also helps that, coming from the same high school, they have the typical mannerisms that this bemusedtots is not unfamiliar with, and thus were on a wavelength and frequency that I could easily attune to.

Such nights, I like. It envelopes me, this certain quiet pleasure from included in other parts of his life, even on the sidelines, and seeing other sides of this love of mine.



yuling said...

i havent tried german fare before! aiyoh, i feel so suaku! :p

b.muse said...

YL: haha no worries, I'm not much better off actually.

Can give this place a try, maybe for lunch when it's less rowdy. They have alfresco seats facing the sea.. Think you will like. :)