Thursday, September 07, 2006


is being subjected to pickup attempt by the same creepy guy twice - in the space of eight months.

This time in a bookstore.

Same guy, same creepy gaze, just a change in location.


What is so hard to comprehend about the simple logic that in cases like this, prior experience does NOT increase one's success rate for subsequent attempts?! *sputters*

And for the thousandth time, what is it with creepy guys and bookstores, CD shops and supermarts?!?!




Anonymous said...

gosh. that sux. did he recognize you??

b.muse said...

Yes he did!
I'm hopeless at remembering faces, so I din even remember him and thought he was being lame when he said we've met before, till he reminded me of the last time I met him! How hopelss is tat?!

Anonymous said...

gross!! that's downright creepy!!! long he doesn't come up to you again. yuck.

b.muse said...

i hope not too!
double yucks!