Friday, January 27, 2006

Bizarre Encounter

Somehow, I just seem to get into bizarre encounters on a random basis - getting approached by the strangest people who spout the weirdest questions/lines in the most unexpected places that you would expect to chance upon such experiences. :p

Usually I will just react in a most non-committal manner, after which my sis and a select loved ones would then find themselves the hapless audience to whom I would regale details of the entire ordeal, the outlet I have to sublimate all the suppressed: 1. bemusement (at the strange things said), 2. incredulity (either at the reminder that such people exist, or the nerve they possess, or that this is happening at all!) and sometimes 3. trauma (rarely, but it happens sometimes).

So, last evening was another of such an occurrence. This time was a departure from my usual 受害地点,but not any less strange - CD shop.

Was happily looking for a CD that I had the impulse to buy, also browsing at the parallel imported CDs which are such a bargain (Alicia Keys at $9.90!), when I sensed this persistent gaze next to me. Yes, persistent cos' even my near-perfected inbuilt filter (for screening out attention/gazes that I do not wanna register) could not ignore. :p Bleah. Still, I stared straight ahead, diligently focusing my gaze and hoping that The Gaze would go away. Bahh.. No such luck.

Next thing I know, heard an exclamation, feigning surprise.

"I recognise that book!" (owner of The Gaze, pointing at the Sophie's World I was holding in my hand).

Left with no choice but to respond, I turned to him with a very obligatory smile, bracing myself for a lame account on how he had probably read/heard about this book, and maybe offer some of his views on it that I was SO dying to hear.

Surprise, surprise. It was not wat I expected.

He followed with a knowing grin: "I see you reading this book on the train every morning!"

I was really.. bewildered. Never would I have thought that my groggy-eyed journey each morning could have been actually noticed by some random stranger. Ok, I admit that I feel a teeny bit flattered, AND very much freaked out at the thought. *shudders*

Anyway, what followed was the usual attempt at small talk, trying to dig out some info from me like where I work and what not.. Attempted to put him down as subtly as I can, by saying I gotta run and nice talking to him, then proceeded to scurry off to the cashier counter to make my purchase.

But as you may remember, I described him as "persistent" earlier. Hmm, maybe add delusional, or dense to the list. :p

He just HAD to wait for me outside the shop, and bashfully asked if we could meet up for lunch someday.


Had no choice at this point but to smile awkwardly, "Sorry, don't think my boyfriend would like that every much.."

At this juncture, I think he sort of got the point, Finally. And skulked off, head hanging.

I feel embarrassed for him.

An adventure, you say? I say no thanks to such adventures. Sigh.

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