Monday, September 04, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

An intoxicating deluge of stylish fashion, together with a charismatic Meryl Streep and the gorgeous wide-eyed Anna Hathaway- it was some visual eye-candy indeed.

For a print-to-screen production, methinks it was a job well done. I like that it did not try too hard to follow too closely to the novel actually, cos it seems that films which try to do that tend to fall flat, simply cos the characteristic of print and film are so so different that there's really no point in one trying to achieve what the other does.

For this show, I felt that it was a nice adaptation of the book - different enough to not make audience compelled to compare, and yet preserving the critical scenes where I went 'oh yah!' and chuckled, remembering when I read it in the book.

Light, entertaining, smooth and funny. I like. :)


Jayce said...

still haven watched the show :( Must go this weekend :p

Oh girl, must go catch Singapore Dreaming, it's a very good show!!

b.muse said...

Ooh ya, tat's on my must-watch list too! :)