Monday, December 12, 2005

Sweltering Woes

My office has turned into a sauna! Ugh.

Came in this Monday morning to find that my entire level's air-conditioning system is down, and though our dear Admin guy Uncle Roy came to the rescue with huge electric fans while they looked into the prob, my cubicle could not be helped as there was no space to fit a fan anywhere nearby.

Sobs. :(

No prizes for guessing why everyone popped over to Mac's for lunch today. Haha. Spotted other colleagues from the same level coming in for ice-cream too, and we exchanged pained knowing looks. Heh. Well, everyone looked blissful slurping their cones, so I guess that's satisfaction guaranteed. :)

Was told that the air-con would be up in a few hours, so our sauna experience will be hopefully short-lived!

*crossed fingers*

What a start to the week. To look at it from a positive view, that way, the week is highly likely to only get better.. Cheers! =)

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