Friday, December 09, 2005

One HUGE reason not to ever switch off my hp

My Sony Ericsson T630 - which I'm STILL getting used to after more than half a year. It's strengthened my conviction that I'm still a Nokie at heart.

Tried switching off my phone for a few minutes after it hanged on me, thinking that 'rebooting' the system will help curb the lagging and hanging.

Only to realise my T9 predictive dictionary, where I have painstakingly built up my vocab in, has been ingeniously reset as well.

Not a very pleasing discovery for a person who types faster than the words appear on the laggy phone.



Little Miss Snooze said... pampers us too much.

b.muse said...

Haha, ya man.. for once, a case where the ad really delivers wat it promises.. 'human technology'!