Friday, December 09, 2005

Strange cure for aching calves

Discovered a really strange way to remedy my aching calves resultant of my ECP jog last Fri - Silly me forgot the importance of cooling down properly and barely stretched, and therefore had to suffer tormenting ache in my calves for the better part of the weekend! :p

Despite the pain, felt very much like jogging and went for a short run after work on Tues evening before dinner. Initially tot it was a bad move, as my calves were really protesting throughout and after the jog, slowing my pacing by about half! Was almost dying when I finished it, and dreaded to think how the pain would escalate by the next day. Haha, I was half expecting not to be able to walk properly, considering how bad it was already, with me wincing as I go up and down stairs.. Nonetheless, this time I made sure I stretched, having learnt my lesson.

So imagine my surprise to find that the ache had subsided tremendously yesterday, and was completely gone today!


Well, it was a weird occurrence, though I'm sure there's actually a logical explanation, which is beyond a person like me, who can't do Science to save her life. Haha.

Just glad that I will not have to suffer for the weekend! =)

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