Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot Date(s)

Had a blast last Fri meeting up with Feng and Xianhe - Initially supposed to be mi dating dearie Feng, but Xianhe found out about it and insisted on being the 'third party', haha. The main highlight of the night was to watch Perhaps Love, so we were all eagerly looking forward to 2 hours of ogling eye candy Takeshi, heh.

The foodie in us decided to catch the 9 plus show at Shaw Beach Rd, we need not rush thru dinner at Parco. A delicious yummy Jap dinner in a simple nice restaurant, which was cosy cos it wasn't packed and noisy. If anything, think the 3 of us were one of the rowdiest table in there, animatedly catching up on recent happenings with one another. Haha. That's testimonial to the chinese saying that 'put 3 women together, and you get a market'. *sheepish grin* We were so caught up with savouring our dinner n yakking that our initial plan to go for Ah Chew Desserts@ Liang Seah Street was foiled, plus the place was packed when we walked past, so it was straight to Takeshi.

While I would say that the show was good, it was one of those 'nearly-there' films which jus falls short of illiciting a 'wow' response from me. Wat I found laudable was the script and cinematography, not to mention huge eye-candy factor (all the close-ups on Takeshi.. I love the Director! haha), also Jacky Cheung's vocals (wat can I say, he's simply.. power). It was a really touching and emotion-provoking show which certainly tugs at the most poignant memories in each of us. Certainly brought back a lot of memories, and struck a chord in several scenes. I tink Feng summed it up nicely, saying that the show more about letting go than falling in love. Only thing that I found wanting was that the songs were not well-written enough, as some of the lyrics were sorely lacking in rhyming, so while the words would have been touching if they were spoken in the show, conveying them in a lyrical manner jus does not quite engage. Hmm, or maybe I jus dunno how to appreciate. *shrugs* Well, it was still a great cinematic experience, attributed to the powerful visual and audio impact. =)

Feng's dear bf Jason came and pick her up, and sweetly sent us back as well, even though it was quite out of the way. *impressed* Haha. Three women, determined to get our dessert, ended up at Newton for Cheng Tng, which more than redeemed our cravings, as it was really really yummylicious! The portion was generous and ingredients well prepared, with the lotus seeds cooked to tantalising softness and the sago pearls jus the right degree of chewiness - everything adds up in a simple but excellently done dessert - and thus the result of four very satisfied people. *yums*

Good show, great food, and fantastic company.. a magical date indeed. =)

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