Monday, June 04, 2018

refreshed mantra

"Do what makes you happy."
"Live the life you love."
"Love the life you live."
Yada yada yada.

Simple enough statements, that seem to distill that basic human instinct for the pursuit of happiness.

That, would be the key objective which one strives towards, I guess?

Of course, there are various deeper questions behind this: what makes you happy, how do you define happiness, and how do you (or should you) draw a line between hedonistic pleasures versus altruistic satisfaction from doing good for others and the society, etc.

Ultimately, it still comes down to living a life with purpose. Not just knowing what you want to do or accomplish, but that these goals are aligned with one's values and priorities in life.

That, is what I need to reflect and recalibrate my life on.

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