Friday, January 02, 2015

Not cleaning the slate

So I spent some time reading some of my old posts, and boy did I cringe at the writing, and grammar and spelling in those old posts.

It was a tempting thought to edit those eyesores, or even delete some of those embarrassing rambling posts.

But if you know me by now, you would understand why I didn't after all.

Am a believer in authenticity, so no matter how childish those posts may read or sound, they were a reflection of me at that point in time - nothing truly to be ashamed of. Instead, I shall appreciate how I have progressed from then to now, and hope that my writing has improved since then.

Besides, I have so few posts that if I cull them any further, there won't be much left. :p

And so there they shall remain, captions of memories and years past. Also, reminders for me to keep to proper grammar and spelling, no more weird lazy made-up words! *facepalm*

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