Friday, January 02, 2015

Oh hi there, 2015

Happy New Year to my lovelies who actually still read this!

Starting the year with a post here, on a bright chirpy note. Because while the end of each year inspires reflections and contemplation, the new year always brings new hope and aspirations, and an abundance of positive energy and vibes. I like both times of the year, for different reasons. 

I have yet to come up with my full list of resolutions, but one that has been carried over year after year, also one that I'm still not ready to give up yet, is to write more. This year, being more active in this space is one specific goal in that particular aspect as well. :)

As I slowly warm up my blogging engine, would just like to share the following wish for 2015:
Be kind to yourself in the year ahead. 
Remember to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. It's too easy to be outraged these days, so much harder to change things, to reach out, to understand.
Try to make your time matter: minutes and hours and days and weeks can blow away like dead leaves, with nothing to show but time you spent not quite ever doing things, or time you spent waiting to begin.
Meet new people and talk to them. Make new things and show them to people who might enjoy them. 
Hug too much. Smile too much. And, when you can, love.
Neil Gaiman 
From one of my favourite authors, love all his new year wishes, and this latest one grips my heart the most somehow, just seems so apt for the year. :) 

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