Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Changing perspectives

I've always been one who tries to see multiple perspectives of a situation or issue to gather more information before deciding on my best course of response, as much as time or the circumstances allow of course.

So just the other day I was musing about that classic glass half-full versus half -empty example of  a optimist vs pessimist perspective, when it suddenly hit me that we could also see it the other way around. 

The typical perspective is that the pessimist sees the glass as half-empty, while the optimist sees it as half-full. 

But with a change in vantage point, consider this..

The optimist could be the one who sees the glass as half-empty, meaning that there's potential for the other half to be filled. 

On the other hand, the pessimist could see the glass as half-full, where we can only get half of what the glass could offer. 

Smart, right? ;) 

Just an example of the kind of random thoughts my brain conjures up all the time. 

Also my attempt to restart the blog via mini posts like this. Let's see how much I can keep this up. 

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