Sunday, April 08, 2007

running on sunshine

After close to two years, my trusty bright-red reeboks - which have accompanied me through my various firsts in my running experiences - have finally decided to give way. The poor soles were falling off, so much as I was sad to part with this pair which brought me through my first 10km, multi-terrain, half-marathon competitive runs, not to mention late-night runs on campus in uni, and tamer treadmill trysts, I had to concede that it was time for them to retire.

And so, I trudged down to Queensway one evening to shop for a new pair of running mates. Took a while, but after browsing and trying a number of pairs, I made away gleefully clutching a pair of pretty adidas trackies.

It's not a very fun process to shop for a pair of running shoes for me, to find one that is easy on the pocket, comfy, AND good-looking too. Maybe it's me, but it was tough to find designs that I like - the prettiest ones are from a brand which I didn't wanna get, knowing that they are overpriced and lack durability, while the reliable ones just seldom have looks that catch my fancy.

And so, was uber pleased to chance upon this new pair which satisfied all my criteria - twas love at first sight, had my size, and felt comfy and light. So there you have it: my sunny-looking spanking new trackies, that came at a rather good bargain too! :)

Happy is me, even more so as we get more acquainted. The cheery colour just perks me up as I lace up before the sessions, while the lightweight and cushioning makes for comfy sprinting, comparable to my retired reds. So even though nothing can replace those vibrant red that have been bode farewell, these sunshine yellows are doing good too. :)

Hopefully, this new love could inspire more diligence in clocking up some decent running too. :p



Anonymous said...

nice. i wan new shoes too. pink ones, to match all my stock of pinkie socks :p

r u gonna get pwetty sunshine socks to match those shoes? heh.

b.muse said...

Ha yup I plan to..

Happy pink-shoe shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

we're such suckers, haha.