Monday, April 16, 2007

of quality and familiarity

gatherings with the Gang are always great - the place and cuisine of choice may vary in terms of satiation factor, but the company always, always makes the best of it.

yesterday was one of those where we attempt to venture somewhere different for lunch, in honour of The Dude (so-called cos he's the only guy in our group of seven. Hee), belated celebration for his bday, and also to catch up before he flies off far far away for the next 4-6 months.

Thanks to recommendation by nottozlady, we enjoyed some yummy German fare at Werner's Oven in Siglap. A perfect place for some reasonably-priced bangers & mash, crispy pork knuckles, meatloaf, and of course beer, savoured on a quiet Sunday arvo - discounting the chatters and laughter from us, that is. :p Oh, and it comes with an attached bakery too that sells delightful bread and pastries. :)

Twas nice to see everyone looking great, and the hours just flew past without us knowing. As we parted ways, I know the next one will prob take place in a couple of months, something to look forward to already. The group size may shrink or stretch, but I know we will meet.

As always, the meeting was good, cos these familiar chums make the success factor. Not the place, not the food - though those would definitely be more than welcome. :)

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