Thursday, April 05, 2007

my mother's daughter

Time and again, blame-less and I would marvel at the magic of genetics, having fun pointing out some trait or quirk we inherited from mummy dearest.

Just to name a few..

The inability to stay put at home for prolonged periods.
Not that we dislike staying home, in fact some days we can just stone/laze entire days away doing absolutely nothing constructive. But as my dad wryly retorted when mum was grumbling one day that the girls in our family never seem to be home, always having this meeting or that program, 'Just like you what.'

She opened her mouth all ready to rebute with indignation.
Then closed it in realisation.

Brains.. here, there, everywhere..
Each time she walks into the living room/kitchen/somewhere in the house, stop short, brows furrowed, trying to recall what she was gonna do, we grin at each other. So that's why we're like that sometimes!

The creative path of logic
It is not uncommon to see some of our closest pals shake their head in bafflement when talking to us, unable to understand how we can veer off the strangest tangents from utterly mundane, normal subjects. An offhand remark gets turned around, flipped about, and developed into some bizarre 'what-if' tale as we venture merrily down a path of wacky reasoning and imaginings.

Think my dear roomie had it worse, having the privilege of staying in such close proximity to your truly. Now, I chuckle when hearing my sis' room-mate suffering the same fate. Poor girl.

Yes, close ones who are used to this shake their heads in resignation. The uninitiated just gape at how a moment ago, the conversation was still perfectly norm.

The amazing world of genetics - that we have to thank for these funny bits that have bonded us and brought much mirth and spice. Heehee.

I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more... like our theories abt the great one abv, stupid elfie.. our dearest parents are able to catch on to it just like that.. when u try to explain to others.. u'll sound stupid on one hand, and they wun believe u on the other.. hahaha...
takes time i guess.. lol..


imp said...

so true! for me, i take after my dad. i'm nothing like my mother. (thank goodness. i'm not close to her at all)

b.muse said...

blame-less: yup, our constant source of amusement too. Heehee. :p

imp: yea it's amazing isn't it? I feel thankful for the closeness too. :)