Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fresh new start!

After a long long break away, it's back at work again for the new year! Having spent the remnants of 2005 happily feasting and enjoying great company, catching up with loved ones, am now refreshed and all ready for a great new year ahead. *beams*

Shall keep this post short and sweet - more on what I have been up to in time to come, pics and all! Trying to go for an even more decluttered look these days.. Note the leaning of the sidebar items. =)
Unlike past years where I would make lists and lists of resolutions for the new year, this year I actually did not do the same. Reflected on the year that past I did, just decided to take each and every event as a blessing - even if it was not good, it must have benefited me in one way or another, making me a stronger, better person. I've gained some, lost some.. Such is life.

For 2006: I just want to stay healthy and happy, spending more time with loved ones and living life to the fullest!

Which actually is quite a lot to take on, if you really think about it. :p

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