Friday, January 06, 2006

幸福 = Sinful?

Haha, at least when it applies to food, as is the case most of the time. :p

Dinner yesterday was indulgence to the fullest.

Had my FIRST dining experience at Din Tai Fung. Yes, I know I very suaku lar, but just could not be bothered to queue when it first came here and had unbelievably long queues at Paragon. Then somehow or another, just never got round to checking it out even though I've always wanted to.

When we went to the branch at Tampines Mall last night, was actually immediately seated. Hmm. Probably cos it was a weekday I suppose.

Between two of us, we shared a fried rice, 10pc xiao long bao and a steamed chicken la mian.


Or maybe cos I did not dare have too high expectations, keeping in mind all the comments from friends who had patronised the place, saying that the food was nothing to shout about. :p

Everything was delectable, and done just right. Loved popping the dainty xiao long bao into my mouth and savouring the perfect mixture of the chewy skin, meat and (needless to say) flavour-rich soup. Mmmm. The chicken soup was fantastic comfort food as well, and the fried rice was nothing short of satisfying - moist, fragrant, tasty. I just love it when a simple dish is done perfectly. Not an easy feat, many would realise from experience. And it's times like this that makes me one happy diner. *beams*

The service was pretty good as well, very efficient in getting our dinner to the table, and our tea cups were refilled so constantly that it hardly ever went empty. Must admit I was quite impressed!

Ending the evening on a sweet note was waffles at Gelare, topped with whipped cream, maple syrup and a scoop each of Chocolate Indulgence and Rum & Raisin ice-cream.

Pure bliss~~

Thanks dear for the dinner.. :)

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