Monday, December 19, 2005

My Kind of Date

Had a fantastic impromptu date on Sat, which turned out to be a wonderful evening - the kind of date where everything jus fell into place nicely, without much fuss or planning. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Initially did not feel like hitting town for The Weekend b4 Christmas, a feeling that was reinforced by the papers that day - Front page of ST about retailers gearing up for the crowd for this weekend. I shudder at the thought of being jostled along in a weekend frenzied crowd, and decided to laze at home instead. Alas, it was not meant to be. Was happily watching Full House DVD (courtesy of darling Wenxin) when the call from a buddy whom I haven't managed to meet up for a while came in, and found myself trudging downtown for a long-delayed coffee date within an hour.

Amazingly, City Hall was not as packed as expected, and thus did not feel as claustrophobic as I thought I would feel, which was a pleasant surprise. We were actually able to stroll comfortably through CitiLink! Popped by Nokia to check out the newly released
Nokia 7370 which I was eyeing a while back. Again, not unexpectedly, learnt that the retail price (without contract) was $678. *eeks* Well, it was not as high a price as I thought, but still a price I consider exorbitant for a phone, since I hardly have any other use for it other than calling and sms. :p I'm a self-confessed handphone bimbo - a user-friendly phone that looks pretty and is able to perform basic functions smoothly and efficiently is enough to make me one happy gal. So, can safely conclude that I will not be the owner of this pretty phone, at least not in the near future. Sigh. :p

Caught Perhaps Love again, haha. Interestingly, I think I enjoyed it even more this time round, as I had time to mull over details that I had missed out the first time, being distracted with following the plot and trying to figure out which scene belonged to which of the intertwining stories. Anyway, since it was a treat, I got to orgle Takeshi again for no additional cost, not bad at all! Heh.

After the show, we revisited the handphone shops to check out the stylo-mylo Panasonic phone that Takeshi was using in the movie. Got a bit confused as quite a few models looked pretty similar, but the conclusion was that the nicest one was the
VS3, though I think the one Takeshi used was actually the X800. Some halfhearted window shopping followed, where I tried on a pretty purple dress but did not like enough to buy. Also eyed a bright yellow zip-front Adidas jacket, but just could not bear to part with $90 for it. Very, very tempted though. Hee. Shopping kaki bought a cutesy wallet with cats on it, that was totally an impulse buy, but I couldn't bring myself to talk kaki out of purchase, seeing the smile it brought. Haha.

We were in the mood for a nice cosy dinner, and went wandering about Suntec aimlessly, then drifted to Millenia after everything failed to inspire us. We were tempted by Outback Steakhouse, where I've wanted to try forever but never got to. But once again, plan was foiled as the place was full house. We settled for
Moonfish Seafood & Pasta Restaurant which was just further down, and it turned out to be a great dinner! Decided to give it a shot, despite the fact that my last dinner outing there was not exactly fantastic. Did not regret at all this time! While service was a tad slow, the waitress serving us was relatively chirpy and attentive, and the food was pretty satisfying! I had the grilled Norwegian salmon, which was very fresh and served with a small ball of herbed butter. The butter was really a delight, as it had a distinct wine taste that went exquisitely with the fish. Yums.. My dear pal had the Fivestar Codfish, which was not too bad, though the fish was not as fresh. :p

Since I bought dinner, my dear fren returned the favour by buying after-dinner drinks, which was a novel experience, as it was my first time at
Paulaner Bräuhaus. The place was packed, and thus we had to share the table with a lovely English couple, on a stopover before they fly off to NZ the next day for a month-long holiday.. So shiok! We had a great time lingering over our drinks while engaging in friendly chatter with the couple. Rare but enjoyable, cause I can hardly imagine doing the same with Singaporeans. We even exchanged contacts at the end of the night, promising to catch up again when they will be spending a week here next Jan en route back to London. How cool is that? Certainly looking forward to meeting up with these new-found frens soon.. *beams*

On our way back, we even managed some midnight shopping over in CitiLink, where pal grabbed some cutesy gifts for office gift exchange. Late-night shopping brought nack memories of shopping at Crown Casino in Melbourne last year, which I enjoyed immensely as well. Too bad it was just a Xmas promo thingy. I'm sure I'll be an ardent supporter if they have it regularly! Haha. Just love the experience of shopping in the quiet late hours without the usual hustle. Very therapeutic!

Went home contented and drowsily pleased. Definitely what I call a terrific Sat night out. =)

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