Monday, January 09, 2023


The in-laws are the sweetest - when they heard that I didn't get to have raclette while in the Alps on vacation back in September (the woes of solo travelling - most restaurants' servings for this dish are for minimum 2 persons), they took note and made sure I got to have it while here. Love.

So lunch it was, perfect for the grey rainy weather that day. Heh. 

The French are genious at coming up with various dishes that are essentially different permutation of cheese and potatoes, two of my favourite foods. Yumm. The nifty apparatus that allow each diner to melt individual slices of cheese and pour them over cold cuts and boiled potatoes is simply genious. A huge bowl of salad was the perfect complement to all that rich decadence, not forgetting a delicious bottle of Apremont from the Savoie region. Mmm.

It came as no surprise that we all needed a petite sieste to recover from the food coma after the meal before waking up for a walk in the crisp cool air after the rain finally stopped. Very balanced day, indeed. 😉 

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