Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Au cinéma avec la niece

We surprised the niece one day with a trip to the cinema, where AH and I took on the babysitting duties. 

The film of choice, "Ernest et Celestine: Le voyage en Charabie" was the latest in a series of movies based on a French children's literature of the same name. The protagonists of the story were a grumpy musician bear Ernest and his best friend, an ever optimistic and artistic mouse Celestine. The stories centre around their adventures, into which were woven real life issues related to values, morals and even some political discourse. Très français. This latest movie saw the pair venture back to Charabie where Ernest was from, to find a master who can repair his violin which was damaged by accident. Quite a fun and entertaining watch, with the graphics very much based off the original illustrations used in the books - all those rustic and muted colours were such a pleasure to the eyes. 

This being a European cinema meant that there were no English nor even French subtitles accompanying the movie, but I was pretty stoked that I could understand most the dialogues, thanks to the consistent practice on my Duolingo app the past year and a half. Heh. 

The little girl was delighted to be in the theatre, but even more so to spend time with her uncle, whom she adores, which isn't surprising since he dotes on her immensely too and the two have the same ruckus level energy when they play/fight/dance. 

For the first ten minutes that we were in the hall, it seemed like we booked out the entire space for ourselves, so we had fun taking some goofy shots too. Cute memories to remember before she becomes too grown up to express such unbridled joy and wonder. :)


Silly faces


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