Thursday, January 26, 2023

Found mâche!

A favourite salad base that la belle-mère uses is mâche (corn salad in English, a far less enchanting sounding name, if I may say so) a variety of the honeysuckle family. 

I love it - its taste is mild but still tasty, with just a slight crunch and texture to bring interest as well as stand on its own, and grows in cute little bunches of roundish leaves, in the prettiest shade of light/lime green. I was rather woeful at the end of my trip, as I don't recall ever seeing it here in Singapore shops.

Back home, I was mighty pleased to find that I was able to procure it from Le Petit Depot, my trusty source of all the European groceries I miss. And as most things on this dependable site, it was reasonably priced (same or slightly cheaper than my standard spinach/arugula mix in the local supermarkets) and offered in very easy 120g packets. Score. I gleefully added 2 different brands to my cart, alongside some of my standard orders from the grocer. 

I believe this is the most excitement I've ever felt over vegetables, hahaha. But I really do love my greens, and salad is a staple in my home meals, so this was indeed worth squealing over. :D

Split the first packet over two meals now, one as a side to accompany some grilled chicken and pasta, and another as a meal in itself together with tuna, sunflower seeds, dressed simply in a mustard/olive oil dressing with just a dash of salt and pepper. It was most satisfying, heh.

Je l'adore!


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