Sunday, December 03, 2017

Cultivating a green finger

Back in March when AB's parents visited, they noticed our empty planter area, and thought that we can do with a touch of life added to the area. AB's mum being a huge plants lover, headed out to the garden markets and came back with some six pots of orchids, gardenia, and fern-like leafy things. "He likes orchids!" she explained, and states that contrary to common perceptions, they are not that delicate nor high maintenance, and in fact the biggest danger to them is actually over-watering. Hahaha.

I have to say, that was reassuring to know, because frankly, I know literally next to nothing about keeping plants alive. I vaguely remember helping my mum water some plants with the water left over from rinsing rice (which I'm still not sure if it's the right thing to do) some 30 odd years ago, but that's about the amount of botanical experience I had. Not to mention that both AB and I travel quite frequently for work, so you can imagine the trepidation I felt about having the responsibilities over these newly acquired living things weighing on my shoulders.

Fast forward some nine months later, I'm happy to report that both the plants and I are still happy and alive. Additionally, for a person who always thought herself to be ambivalent towards flora and green, I found myself strangely fascinated with cultivating these inanimate living things. They really did liven up our living space, despite my initial skepticism. Also, there's an odd sense of delight that comes with spotting flower buds, and the spark of joy that flares when those buds bloom so elegantly, often when you least expect them to (eg after you were unable to water them for a week or so while travelling). It's a great lesson in respecting the natural timing of the universe indeed - that effort does not always reap the results you desire, and oftentimes, things will unfold when it's the right time. Shrugs. C'est la vie. It's all part of the beauty of life I guess.

Ultimately, as much as I have come to appreciate and adore these pretty beauties of nature, I don't see myself becoming an avid gardener. I may add some more blooms of my choice or preference when and if I have more space, but it's all also based on the level of commitment and time required.  So let's see how this budding relationship (hurhur) goes.

New-ish love

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