Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Secret Single Behaviour: Cat in human form

Sometimes I feel like I'm a cat.

Or maybe, I just wish I was one.

Just as an example, one of my favourite sneaky things to get up to when left to my own devices, is to get a nice small platter of supermarket sashimi, come home and quietly relish each luscious slice in silence. No music, no videos or books required. Just me and my fish.

And then I curl up on the couch with a book in hand, or a glass of whisky, or both. For those few quiet hours that belong to just me and one of my all-time bffs, also me.

That's what I would call a divine evening. 

I count my lucky stars for my mediocre tastebuds that can be satisfied sometimes with cheap sashimi, although I can of course tell the difference between that and the really good stuff in my preferred Japanese restaurants.

And then I feel thankful that I am one of those select few for whom solitude is not merely tolerated, but actually craved from time to time. People like us, are rarely ever lonely, or bored. How cool is that?

Did I just spend this post celebrating myself? Perhaps. And that's probably why I yearn the life of a cat. To think like that, all the time. ;)

Happy meal - meow


imp said...

you're a cat. you're a cat. you're a cat.

b.muse said...

@imp: Meowww. Are you gonna entertain me for half an hour too, human? Hehehe.

imp said...

if you don't meow meow meow at me, i can entertain you for one hour easy. :P