Sunday, February 26, 2017

Afternoon at the theatre

Caught Pangdemonium's production of The Pillowman with the galfriend and her partner over the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the dark tale told through the excellent cast and acting. I am going to be lazy and direct you to the dear galfriend's review on it to read more about the story and her take on it, since she did it so well. ;)

While the plot and central topics may seem heavy for a weekend matinee, I do rather like productions like these which draws one into deeper contemplations, rather than the usually light fluffy tales which seem to be generally more popular. That's perhaps why it struck me that a large handful of the audience at the theatre that day seemed almost desperate to find some lightheartedness in the midst of all the sardonicism onstage. That was the best explanation I could arrive at when being continually baffled by their laughter at various points of the play which I failed to comprehend. What was funny in watching a seemingly innocent man subjected to intimidation and ridicule by an inspector? There were points I wasn't sure if I was cringing in my seat because I was relating to how terrifying it must feel to be in that character's shoes, or at the inappropriate mirth of my fellow audience.

Bafflement aside, it's always a pleasure to attend Pangdemonium's productions, and this was no exception. Being fellow season pass holders also meant more choices to spend time in my favoured company, hehehe. This time around, we were not able to secure seats together due to the odd booking system now in place, but still managed to be in the same row. During intermission, we barely spoke, both staring and typing intently onto our phones bitching about the people around us, muahahaha. These covert antics we regularly get up to never fail to entertain me.

After the show, we took a casual stroll over to the nearby Tap for a quiet pint, before calling it an (early) evening. Nice, nice weekend. :)
Easy drinks (beers not pictured) and a stout float!


nua-ster said...

Since humor is one of the coping mechanisms for some when faced with things that disturbed them.. may explain the laughter? but doesn't sound appropriate if it's geniune laughter... (*stunned emoji face*)

b.muse said...

@nua-ster: That's what I thought initially too, but then.. you can't be disturbed for the entire show right?? *facepalm*