Thursday, February 09, 2017

A light in my life

This is dedicated to a dear girlfriend whose birthday falls on the date of this post.

A darling friend who brings me lightness and clarity, while also keeping me grounded, with her amazing rationality and compassion.

A dear one who's so ridiculously thoughtful and supportive in all my ventures that I often wonder what I have done to deserve such love and friendship.

A scarily intelligent and overachieving individual who inspires me all the time, to be better, and to do my best.

A person who has seen me at my saddest, angriest, angsty-est, bimbo-est. and stayed throughout, offering strength, and often just company, not even words, because she knows that's what I needed.

So much love.

Happy Birthday Impy! Hope you like your birthday present this year - ie my compliance with your request for no gifts. Muahahaha.

To many more decades of friendship to come. :)

She brings light to my life and the most thoughtful gifts


imp said...


actually, i'm not sure i've seen you at your bimbo-est. ehehehehe. shall hang around to see more of it.... *runs away and hides in the meantime*

b.muse said...


You say one ah, I shall subject you to more of my bimbo-ness. You are not allowed to unfriend me cause of that ah! Although you may roll your eyes at me as many times as you want. :D