Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Catch up with the sis

Between the wondersis being based in the States and me stuck in full-on "navelgazing" mode for the most part of last year, we haven't been as connected as we used to, and I've definitely missed that. One of my key priorities to address for the new year. :)

I promptly booked in a catch up with her the week of my return to Singapore, which eventuated as a run-date in her hood, and a chance for me to have a sneak preview of her renovated flat. Such fun!

We did a short 3km jog along the track just downstairs of her place - love that it's so near and convenient. At my parents', there was a running track a stone's throw away but still a 3 minute walk. This was even easier, we literally could start running as we left her block!

It's always a treat to run with her, or rather just doing any workout - this girl is my most frequent jogging/workout companion. It might or might not be due to the fact that we used to live under the same roof, and also since yours truly here only have a tiny handful of people I would actually bother to arrange to exercise with - I'm quite the lone wolf for my exertions, since the social factor was never my motivation, plus most of the time exercise is my me-time, which I am highly protective of, if you don't know by now.

With the sis, it's different, and much of it owes to our #samefactory traits - we enjoy each other's company, often in complete silence, and are so attuned to each other that we don't need to really say much to communicate either. While we used to have similar pacing, I can no longer count that as a plus since she outpaces me by a large margin these days, and often just accommodates to my snail speed instead. :p

So yes, we did our odd silent but comforting run, after which we had a wholesome yummy dinner cooked by her, whilst conversing on all kinds of random topics veering in all tandems late into the night. Best. 

It was splendid sister (and some brother-in-law) time, looking forward to more to come. : )

My dinner - check out that chunky thigh! ;D